• Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a very popular vegetable and used in many different types of cuisine.  Cucumbers are the botanical cousins of melons and squashes, which makes sense since their cool flavor and crisp texture are a perfect combination of the two.
Versatile enough to be used in many different types of cuisine, cucumbers are no longer just salad toppers!  Thin slices provide a crunchy replacement for crackers as appetizer foundations, and cucumbers are being featured more and more in tasty cocktails created by innovative mixologists. 


Green Giant® Fresh Cucumbers are available year round.

Care & Handling


Select cucumbers which are firm to the touch and avoid those which are bumpy, discolored, or have wrinkled near the ends. They are at their peak flavor when the outer rind is dark green and the inner flesh is white to pale green. The seeds should be tender and need not be removed before eating.


Keep whole cucumbers in the crisper section of your refrigerator, wrapped tightly in plastic, for up to one week.


Cucumbers which have been waxed can be peeled prior to use, but it is not a necessity. Cucumbers which have not had a wax applied to their skin need not be peeled, but scrubbed free of dirt and debris.

Nutrition & Health Benefits: 

Cucumbers are a low fat, low cholesterol food. They are very low in sodium and are considered to be a good source of Vitamins A C and K, and potassium.

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